Our protagonist Kate grew up in the Midwest wanting to be a writer. In the aughts, she assisted prolific filmmaker Max Berkowitz in NYC. But then her dreams of making it big got cut short when she got married and moved back to Kansas City, MO. A decade later, she’s returned to New York to fulfill her dreams. Her New York is one of literary and cultural name-dropping, French brasseries, and the West Village. She used to be fun, and has never had a Plan B. 




ROCKY CHANG (46) Kate’s old buddy Rocky, a reformed banker, current shopkeeper and barfly. She lives in Brooklyn.


JESSICA WHITE (42) a single famous actress-turned-wellness guru is back from LA and is now taking NYC by storm with her website White + Well.


MARTIN CROSS (28) Jess White’s right hand (aka her personal bitch) is a well-groomed, extremely fit, supremely uptight black homosexual man. He dropped out of NYU’s Tisch and Jess took pity in an audition - and offered him a job.


LAURA FRIEDMAN (33) The Senior Lifestyle Editor of White + Well and Kate’s boss is cute and smart but she isn’t skinny or blonde. But the company loves her pedigree: she was valedictorian at Northwestern Journalism school. She might dress modestly, but will sneak in whiskey shots and drags of cigs here and there. 


KAREN PIERCE (44), Kate’s old friend is a competitive, well-pedigreed Ivy Leaguer who’s married to a cutthroat litigator with two kids and a baller West Village townhouse.


KEVIN (44) Kate’s old roommate is a vain, oversexed Tribeca gallery owner who loves to talk about art theory and has a bit of a drug problem. He’s hooked on Adderall and Botox, like any real New Yorker.


EMILY JONES  (44) is born and bred in LA. She’s Kate’s old co-worker and frenemy who she climbed the ranks with at a big movie studio. Stylish and bubbly, Emily acts like Kate’s concerned old sister but really just pities her. 

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