A broke, 40-something, slightly delusional, wannabe screenwriter gets the chance to live the good life in the Big Apple as a junior lifestyle editor at a hot new website called White + Well.


ALT kicks off in New York City on Halloween morning. We follow newly-divorced Kate Connelly, as she jogs on a West Village street and heads home to her humble apartment filled with scripts and rejection letters. She’s been away from New York for ten years, but don’t worry – she’s a real New Yorker. 


A breakfast with her old sleazy Hollywood boss and frenemy Emily (who stayed on a professional track, unlike Kate) leads to a chance meeting with Jessica White, a famous actress-turned-wellness guru. And because New York social circles run small and tight, Kate is basically offered a job – which she has no real background for – on the spot.

Kate’s been out of the game but still wants to be cool (and in the know). Good news because New York City loves its name dropping and cultural references and Kate is about to learn from the best covering the latest and greatest in food, beauty, fashion, hotel, and naturally, wellness.

She accepts the job to pay the bills but don’t worry, she’s gonna still write on the side and try to have fun again. (She promised her good friend Rocky.)


Things are gonna get weird.


This is a straight up episodic comedy, none of that black comedy or dramedy stuff which we love don’t worry (Fleabag or Ramy). We use special effects (for example: shrinking Kate when she feels small, and Rocky/Jesus blasting white men of power into outer space as plot devices. We have a female protagonist, Kate and a strong supporting cast of secondary characters. This is a single-camera show about the love and hate relationship in New York City. 



It’s a little bit of everything. But it’s exaggerated. For example: there’s lots in the White + Well world that makes sense (beautiful skinny white women, expensive FiDi address, fridge stocked with healthy snacks, closets of hip clothes). But do people in this world really name drop that much? (For the record, yes they do. We’re both recovering lifestyle “writers” so we would know.)


Kate’s world is a slick and highly stylized New York in the way of Sex and The City and Devil Wears Prada. Rocky’s world doesn't look as fancy.


The soundtrack is a mix of film scores and 80s tunes that Kate loves to modern day hits.



We’re exploring the idea of success, the hustle and what it means to make it in New York City.  We’re looking at the illusion of the NY City dream. We’re looking at the gatekeepers of what’s cool and hip. We’re looking at what happens when you play by the rules and more importantly, when you don’t. 




Reality is what you believe and see.

There's always another way/option to experience everything.


On a keyboard: the alt key is also the option key. Coincidence? We don't think so.