An odd-couple comedy about being the last single people in New York City,
UN-following the rules, and finally getting paid to be yourself.


Rocky Chang

“We’re the last single people everywhere.” 


Rocky is a funny and blunt Korean-American woman who grew up in rural PA. (She’s still confused.) She’s overeducated (UPenn undergrad, Georgetown masters), tried banking out, and realized her world was complete nonsense before she turned 30. So she decamped from Manhattan to Williamsburg to open an apothecary. She bickers with customers, and chats with her cartoon doodles. Dive bars and brokeass arty types are her speed. Rocky doesn’t think sex is a big deal – nope, she’s not a slut or a cougar. She’s never had a Plan B (or A, for that matter), and loves pizza and TLC.

Kate Connelly

“Google said I wasn’t having a mental breakdown.” 

A polite Midwesterner, Kate grew up making movies in her basement. (Her mom still has the tapes.) In the aughts, she assisted the biggest names in the film biz, and married some dude in St. Louis (oops!). Now, she’s back in Manhattan, trying to fulfill her dreams of becoming a real writer, and living the champagne life on a beer budget. Her New York is one of literary references, cobblestones, and Keith McNally restaurants. She loves Wall Street, the NFL (go Chiefs!) and 80's power ballads. Kate's also never had a Plan B, and used to be fun.

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